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Gucci Silver Rhodium-silver bracelet with boule chain and toggle pendants. The Silver collection by Gucci includes an elegant series of jewels with harmonious lines and a decidedly modern style. From the famous Britt line to the metropolitan look of the Dog Tag line, Gucci demonstrates its...

344,26 €

The elegant Gucci Silver collection includes different styles, feminine - seductive - elegant - contemporary. Perfect gift or personal ideas for every occasion. Gucci bracelet in rhodium silver with heart pendant.

229,51 €

Gucci bracelet Flora collection, this poetic line, delicate and elegant, is declined in masterpieces of fine jewelry and in precious precious jewels. The flowers and butterflies of Gucci Flora are processed in new materials and with new techniques: in 18k white and rose gold, diamonds, precious...

4 057,38 €

The Gucci Running G collection is once again the GG brand. Simple and clean line to always wear. Gucci Running G bracelet in 18 kt yellow gold and multicolored topazes with double G-shaped clasp

1 147,54 €

The Gucci Interlocking collection once again declines the GG brand. Simple and clean line to always wear Gucci Interlocking bracelet in silver.

237,70 €
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items